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Warfarin diet: What foods should I avoid? - Mayo Clinic - Vitamin E Vitamin Thrombophlebitis

❶Vitamin Thrombophlebitis|Are there any multivitamins around without Vitamin K? | Anticoagulants | Patient|Vitamin Thrombophlebitis Slow Blood Flow, Sluggish Circulation in the Legs (Diagram) ||Vitamin e Side Effects in Detail - Vitamin Thrombophlebitis|May 06,  · I've just started on Warfarin for AF and find that I should not take my usual occasional multivitamins because they contain the dreaded Vitamin K.|Vitamin e Side Effects|Navigation menu]

Posted 23 October at To my surprise, I have found only one make of multis that does not show Vitamin K in its list of contents and ingredients. Given the reported numbers of Warfarin users, I would have expected the manufacturers to have been keen to offer some others to potential buyers.

Any suggestions Vitamin Thrombophlebitis UK sources would be welcome. You are looking for a Vitamin Thrombophlebitis without vit k but I found this answer and question from last year. Thanks for your response. I had already found Clotamin but could find no reliable UK source. Meanwhile keeping Vitamin K levels reasonably stable is seriously compromised by my tendency to take multivitamins Vitamin Thrombophlebitis. Hence my conclusion that I do need to find the Vitamin Thrombophlebitis kind.

Thanks for your message. We have to be sure that we get the best advice. In my case, there appears to be no substantive understanding there of Warfarin interactions.

Professional does not necessarily also mean Vitamin Thrombophlebitis. My GP recently gave me medication to tackle steroid-linked see more thrush, only for the Warfarin clinic to panic over its super-potentiation of the Warfarin, which sent my INR shooting up. And it is hopeless here to try to get to talk to anyone in the Warfarin clinic who might have more than the basic facts.

For instance, we all know that NSAIDs, birch oil, wintergreen etc are to be Vitamin Thrombophlebitis but there is therefore a dearth of pain-relievers Vitamin Thrombophlebitis than paracetamol. What do sufferers on Warfarin do for muscle strains, arthritis, bursitis etc.

What alternatives are available? In fact my INR has been at its most stable for years! Hope this is a help to you. We want Vitamin Thrombophlebitis forums to be Vitamin Thrombophlebitis useful resource for Vitamin Thrombophlebitis users but it is important to remember that the forums are moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in respect of any healthcare matters.

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Are there any multivitamins around without Vitamin K? Oldest Latest Vitamin Thrombophlebitis Votes. Hi BHD You are looking for a multivitamin without vit k but I found this answer and question from last year http:

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